12 tips for beginners to social media

In our last post we explored what social media is, so now we are going to move on with some tips to help you get started.

We don’t pretend to be “social media gurus” (is that really a thing?), but we hope the following will help you:

  1. Talk to your customers about social media – what channels do they use, how do they like to use it, and what might they like to see from you?
  2. Don’t try and use all the channels at once – start small and build yourself up. Choose the one preferred by most of your customers first.
  3. Start by following customers, trade publications and associations connected with your business – you are looking to see what others are sharing, and what’s popular – you also want to find information to share with others
  4. Check out how your competitors handle social media – what lessons can you learn from them, what are they doing well?
  5. Remember this is about being friendly and starting to build relationships – don’t try do a hard sell (that’s like thrusting your business card at people when you first meet them)
  6. Vary what you share – it doesn’t just have to be written information – you could try images, infographics and video too
  7. Plan what you are going to do each week – so you aren’t frozen in front of the screen, not knowing what to talk about
  8. Drive traffic to your website – so have reasons for people to visit – blogging works particularly well for this.
  9. Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or blog updates – the goal is to capture people’s contact details so you can talk to them directly. You own the data when they sign up on your website, rather than Facebook or Twitter.
  10. This is only one area of your marketing – don’t rely solely on social media – you need other tools.
  11. Don’t leave this to your youngest staff member, just because they use Facebook or Twitter a lot in their personal life – those skills don’t necessarily translate to business. You need to take responsibility for this, and have visibility of what is being shared and talked about.
  12. Respond quickly when you are mentioned, but remember you are often judged on your response, so be polite and efficient. Another reason not to outsource every element.

Frankly, this is the tip of the iceberg…

There are thousands of blog posts and books written about how to master each different social media channel.

And there are hundreds of people who will be keen to sell you their services as social media experts, but you need to go with what is right for you.

Take your time and test what works for you and your business. And let us know how you get on!

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