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5 tips for proofreading your blog posts

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Searching for perfection is never a good thing as it usually holds you back.

However, creating blog posts with lots of mistakes can send out the wrong signals: lack of attention to detail, doesn’t care, doesn’t take business seriously. So check out these tips to help you proofread your blog posts:

  1. Read your post out loud – not only can you hear whether the rythmn is right, but you’ll also spot the problems.
  2. Look at the post in preview mode – you can see what the post is going to look like, make sure the image looks right and read it off the screen just like your readers.
  3. Print it out – errors can jump off the page at you. This is not something I’d advocate all the time, but works well for long posts sometimes.
  4. Give it to someone else to read. It’s amazing – no matter how many times we look at something we can’t see a mistake that jumps out a mile to someone else!
  5. Never publish it straight away. Ideally, sleep on it – looking at it fresh after a night’s sleep gives a different perspective. If that’s not possible at least wait a couple of hours so you can go back and look at it after doing something else.

But above all, just get it published!