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Why you need to do your research

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I often get direct mail and emails offering me help with my marketing. Of course if they’d done their homework they would know I run a marketing business!

If you have a list of people you believe are potential customers for your business you need to do your research before contacting them.

Are they likely to want the goods or services you have to offer? Are they the right fit for your business?

By finding out a bit more you could discover that one of the companies on your list is going through a change in circumstances and are ripe for what you have to offer. Suddenly they have turned into a hot lead!

But the biggest reason of all, is that when you write, the more relevant and specific you are able to be, the more likely you are to succeed in getting through the door.

This doesn’t mean I am advocating buying data – I’m not. But I do recognise that sometimes businesses need more than the customer database they already have. Just make sure you don’t blast out the communication without checking them out first.