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Why you need an Avatar

Marketing avatar

You’ve probably heard of Avatar – it’s that really popular film with the blue things that fly, right? Well yes, it is, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about an avatar – a small photo or image that is not more than 80 x 80 pixels. An avatar can be anything – a photo, a logo or even a computer generated person. If you’ve ever played on a Wii or XBox – the image created for your account is an avatar. However, I don’t recommend a cartoon character – stick to a good photo.

On the web this is called a gravatar – a globally recognised avatar. This means that whenever you put in your email address on a blogging site or web forum it will instantly recognise you and add your image.

This is a fantastic way of building instant recognition and for people to easily see you’ve commented. It can also show up in Google searches too – being a fast and impactful way of standing out from the crowd.

So how do you get a gravatar? You need to sign up with the website – www.gravatar.com. Once you have responded to the email confirmation you can upload an image and a few words about you that travel around the web with you wherever you go. When you visit any website that supports the Gravatar software, hey presto your image and mini bio will appear.

Now how easy is that?