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Wearing too many Hats?

wearing too many hats

When you set up your business you probably did so because you were an expert in a specific field – making cakes, HR consultancy, widget manufacturing, whatever.

The trouble is that once you’ve set up the business you suddenly discover that at least half of your time is spent pursuing activities that are outside your core range.

You wear a range of hats if you like – Managing Director, Sales Director, Finance Director, HR Director and Marketing Director. You need to juggle all these tasks with the skills each role requires as well as delivering for your customers.

Many business owners spend their time struggling with all these different roles. Sometimes these roles take over from the core business, and sometimes serious mistakes are made due to lack of experience and skills.

Other business owners realise they need help. They outsource the tasks they don’t enjoy or aren’t good at, so they can focus on running their business and delivering for their customers.

Which type of business owner are you?

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