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Have your loyal customers become wallpaper?

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We were chatting with one of our clients the other day who is a hairdresser. He admitted that it was very easy to take advantage of loyal customers, to the point where they become like wallpaper. (Hint: when was the last time you looked at the wallpaper in your house?)

What do we mean by that? In the case of the hair salon, those clients who visit regularly, make their next appointment before leaving, and keep coming back even when the price increases.In short, they are loyal and committed to you and your business.

Whilst you probably don’t run a hair salon, we’re guessing you too may have some customers who fall into this category.

But the trick is to ensure those customers don’t feel ignored. To make them feel special and appreciated. It could be that you could offer something special to your best customers – a discount, a free gift, or even an invitation to a special preview evening.

This can work just as well in a service and business to business environment as it can in a retail business. You could organise a networking event and invite all your customers to come together, or how about sending them a gift on the birthday of your business? After all, without them, you may not still be in business!

Take a look at your customers’ current buying habits and try to offer them something they would really value from you. What’s important is to make sure your customers don’t feel taken for granted…

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