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Don’t give away your compliments!


In the first of our new series of tips for writing marketing content we want to focus on compliments.

Or rather, the difference between complement and compliment. It’s easy to get them confused – after all they sound exactly the same and only one letter separates the two words. But they do mean something quite different.

Complement means to add something which improves something else, for example:

The wine was the perfect complement to the delicious food.

Whereas, compliment means giving praise:

My compliments to the chef on a wonderful meal.

Complimentary is also the term used when you are giving something away free of charge. For example:

Enjoy a complimentary 10″ x 8″ framed photo when you book your shoot by the end of May.

You can see that if you used the wrong choice of word here you could get yourself in hot water – inadvertently giving something away, when that wasn’t what you had intended!

We hope you found this tip useful, and not too much like those English lessons at school!

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