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Don’t we all over me

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Horrible expression isn’t it? But it’s a great way of remembering a really important copywriting tip.

So, what does it mean?

When you are writing copy, and that applies to any copy, remember to focus on the reader.

The reader wants to know why they should read what you have written, what is in it for them and how they will benefit from working with you.

Don’t pepper your copy with lots of information about your business and how great the company is. Instead, tell the reader what kind of results or impact working with you or buying from you will have on them or their business.

When you have finished writing, check out how many times you have used the word “we” and how many times you have used “you“. As a rule of thumb there should be two to three times more uses of “you” over “we”.

It isn’t easy as it sounds! But you know where you can come if you need some help