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Website lessons I want to share

website lessons

With so much in the news and media about the threat of cyber security, you could be forgiven for thinking cyber crime is just scaremongering and it won’t happen to me.

I don’t know that I thought that, but I saw it as unlikely I was at risk of attack.

Sadly, in 2013, that wasn’t the case, when my website was hacked. We’re all probably guilty of taking things like our website for granted, until suddenly it isn’t available. But cue panic at Bang, whilst we determined the best way to move forward.

In the end, we moved to a new web agency and took the plunge with a new website. A decision we have never regretted…

But, I promised to share some website lessons, so what would they be?

  • Make sure you or your web agency are taking regular back ups of your website – it doesn’t reduce the risk of being hacked, but it does make getting back online much easier and quicker
  • Ensure your website is running on the latest release of software. There is a caveat to that: it depends on the software as it should be the latest tested release. We all know of software companies that release software for the users to beta test before resolving the bugs.
  • Spread the risk – I made the mistake of having my email newsletter running through my website software. This multiplied my headache. Choose an email provider that specialises in just doing email and keep it separate from your website – we’ll come back to this another time.
  • Choose your website hosting carefully. If you are not particularly technical don’t go with a company that only provides online ticket support – communication becomes a huge problem.
  • Get recommendations – learn from others, rather than taking the pain.
  • Don’t penny pinch – of course, you will have a finite budget, we all do. But believe me, the cost of downtime and clearing up after this, is far more than the cost of the new site.
  • Consider using secure protection from a company such as Sucuri – they monitor your website and know if you have been hacked before you do.

We hope you found the lessons helpful, and, of course, if you need help with a new website you know where we are. 😉

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