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What is above the fold?

above the line

Not to be confused with above the line – above the fold is a term taken from the newspaper industry.

Above the fold was an expression referring to the news seen on the top half of the front page of the newspaper, ie when the newspaper was folded in half, what could still be seen.

These days, the expression is also recognised in website marketing.

What does it mean?

It means what can be seen of a website in your browser on your computer, without scrolling down.

However, there is a word of warning here – it depends on the size of your monitor and your settings. So, remember, just because you can see it in your browser, it doesnt’t mean all your readers can.

There was a belief that everything that was of importance needed to be seen above the fold because nobody could be bothered to scroll down, and indeed it was better if there was nothing below the fold.

Times have moved on though…

The jury is out about whether long copy or short copy is best – and you will need to test this out for yourself for your business, industry sector and customers.

But – if you write interesting and exciting copy – it shouldn’t matter whether you have to scroll down or not to read all of your website content.

Of course, writing engaging copy is quite a challenge!

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