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What is a call to action?

Call to action

You have probably read posts from us before referring to a call to action.

But what is a call to action?

This is the expression used to refer to what you want a reader to do at the end of reading your marketing material, hearing an advert, watching a video etc.

Calls to action can vary enormously but here are some typical examples:

  • Call this number for more information
  • Visit this website link for product details
  • Email this person to arrange a call
  • Sign up here for discount vouchers
  • Like our Facebook page for exclusive news
  • Add a comment on our blog with your experiences
  • Click here to add to your basket

If you run an eCommerce business, your call to action is more likely to include actions like add to basket, or buy now.

However, for most businesses, particularly in the business to business environment, it is highly unlikely people are going to buy from you the very first time they hear from you. So you need to build trust slowly – which is where blogs and newsletters come in handy.

Remember not to confuse the reader with lots of different actions. Just choose one, or at a push two. Any more, and it is unlikely they will do anything. Strangely, choice is not always a good thing!

Don’t assume by adding your telephone number or website address, it will be obvious what the reader should do next.

You need to spell out the next step, so they know what they should do

If they have read to the end that’s a good sign, so you don’t want to lose them at the last hurdle, because you forgot to tell the reader what to do.

When people complain of poor response rates to their marketing, it can be because they have failed to add a call to action, chosen too many, or the inappropriate one for that stage in the relationship.

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