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What is impostor syndrome?

impostor syndrome

This is a post of confessions to a degree!

The first confession is that impostor syndrome is not really a marketing phrase – it applies in both the business world and elsewhere.

That said, it does have a direct effect on marketing – as it can really stop you moving forward with your business.

So, what is impostor syndrome?

It is the fear of being found out. People recognising you are not such an expert and you don’t know everything.

The trouble is, beating yourself up about not being perfect, knowing everything or having all the answers, can hold you back. The truth is nobody knows everything – there will always be someone who knows more than you. But that’s OK, because your customers are buying you and your skills, and that you know more than they do.

So time for the second confession?

Yes, I suffer from this!

And yes, on occasion, it does hold me back too. I am guilty of worrying if I give a presentation that someone in the audience will heckle, or call me out.

Does this resonate with you? Do you recognise this in yourself?

Interestingly, we are in good company. Award winning actress, Kate Winslet, has confessed to suffering, as has Meryl Streep.

Some experts believe impostor syndrome applies predominantly in high achievers – so definitely take that as a compliment!

And why am I talking about this in a marketing blog?

Because we need to step out of our comfort zone, and do things differently, in order to get different results.

So give that presentation, write that blog post, book coffee with the contact you want to reach out too.

Who knows? You could get just the result you are looking for.

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