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What is a newsletter?


A newsletter is a communication for both customers and prospects, sharing information about your business.

What sort of information?

But, of course, it isn’t exclusively that information, so by all means add your own ideas to the list.

Newsletters can be printed and sent in the post, or available at your premises, or they can be sent via email. Both have their merits, but are a great way to reach out to customers.

It’s important to try to keep up the regularity – if you have committed to one per quarter, then you really need to try to do this.

This is an area where many businesses fall down – they have old newsletters on their website, but don’t appear to have had anything to say since Summer 2012!

You know what we mean…

So if this is you, you need to decide if you want to maintain your newsletter, or if you are going to ditch it in favour of other marketing tools.

However, we do recommend giving newsletters a try, as they can be very effective.

And if you need help with writing your newsletter? Well, you know where to come… 😉 – call 01256 83 11 10.