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A great American customer experience

customer experience

Today I want to share with you a fabulous customer experience from across the pond – reinforcing the American reputation that the customer is king.

My dog has a minor thyroid problem and takes drugs to control this. Our vet had been experiencing problems obtaining these drugs, and we have had to have a more expensive alternative.

We searched online for alternative suppliers without success. So I contacted the pharmaceutical company in the US that manufactured the drug. They didn’t have supplies either and production was slow, as the controls and tests in place were so rigorous.

But they really wanted to help

They called me back with the name of an American supplier who had stocks and were able to ship to the UK. I ordered online and had a web chat with someone who supported my questions. They quoted it was likely to take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

It arrived a week later addressed to Lanson! And an unexpected extra – a lovely bone biscuit for him. Needless to say that went down well!

So, the moral of this story?

Take a look to see how you can try this within your own business.

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