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Are you the best?

the best

A couple of weeks ago, we went to an interesting seminar about a different approach to selling.

The trainer asked us to visualise the following scenario:

A business owner comes up to you and says: “I’m happy with my current supplier. But, I’m open minded – so why should I consider working with you?”

We were then asked to write down 3 reasons why a potential customer should do business with us.

All the answers you would expect came out:

And variations of this same theme.

But actually, are we really best placed to say any of these things?

Who are we to say that we are better than our competitors? Do we experience what it is like to do business with any of them?

Do we really know that our service, our products, our experience and knowledge, our care for the customer is any better?

And, just as importantly, if this business owner asked the same question of one of your competitors, don’t you think they would say the same thing?

So, what could you say?

  • Our customers say we are… (and then quote some testimonials from happy customers)
  • What it is about your current supplier that is making you consider changing? Remember, he did indicate he would change, which means it can’t all be rosy in the garden
  • I’d like to learn more about your current situation before I answer that – putting the focus back on the customer
  • Why don’t we arrange to have a coffee and a chat? Giving you time to find out more before giving your answer

So, remember, next time you are asked why you should be chosen over a competitor – you aren’t necessarily the best.

But by finding out exactly what the customer needs, you could be best placed to meet those needs…

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