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Why marketing and dating are similar

marketing and dating

Don’t worry, we’re not going to start going all gooey and talk about personal emotions.

However, there are a lot more similarities between marketing and dating than you might think…

When it comes to finding new customers, think about it as if you were finding a new partner.

You wouldn’t rush straight in, you’d do your research first:

  • Profile your customers, and work out what characteristics your best ones have in common
  • Talk to your customers about where they go – there is no point dashing off to networking events that aren’t suitable
  • Find suitable places to meet other like minded people similar to your existing customers
  • Be prepared – look your best and have business cards with you all the time – you can meet people in the most unexpected places
  • Think about what it would be helpful to know when you meet people – this is about weaving questions into a conversation, not interrogating people when you meet for the first time
  • Talk to the people you meet to build a rapport and find out more about them – this will help you work out if you are a good fit for each other, and yes, this is just as important in business as it is personally
  • Don’t be quick to write people off – even if the person you meet isn’t a good fit for your business, you never know who they know – it could be the perfect blind date scenario. In the business world, we recognise this as a referral or recommendation!

And do you know what?

The similarities don’t end there.

The secret to a long standing customer relationship is just the same as a personal one: trust (doing what you say you will, delivering good service), communication and rapport.

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