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Lessons from our buying habits

Buying Habits

I have to confess, I love business documentaries! So, I was delighted to find a few to indulge in over the festive period.

One of those was presented by the much admired (by me anyway!) Mary Portas: What Britain bought in 2015

Mary shared a fascinating insight into our buying habits during 2015, taking us through the year month by month. I did find myself ticking off some of the items and feeling a bit guilty I had succumbed

Yes, I do have an adult colouring book (no, that’s not what you’re thinking it is!), a spiralizer and am partial to the odd glass of Prosecco!

But despite all their very impressive buying skills, it was reassuring to know even the retail giants get it wrong sometimes.

The team at Lakeland were certain the spiralizer was going to take off 2 or 3 years ago, and found they had far too much stock, but luckily their gamble has paid off – as the spiralizer is now much in demand.

But what can we, as business owners, learn from this?

Certainly, we can recognise there are always going to be some seasonal trends – getting fit and losing weight is always popular in January, as we try to shake off the excesses of Christmas. July and August are the months for focusing on back to school with stationery, uniforms etc. I’m sure you can name a few more.

Even if you don’t sell products, there is often a way to weave in marketing messages around seasonal trends to your database. So do have a think – now is the perfect time to map out a communication calendar for the year and decide what you are going to talk about with your customers and prospects.

We can also learn that it pays to keep up to date with new innovations in your industry. It doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon, but it is worth thinking about whether any of these ideas would work in your business.

In fact, you can even get ideas from other sectors – why not be a trendsetter instead of a trend follower?

So your take aways?

Get reading your industry news for new ideas, but most importantly, map out that communication calendar. If you would like help with creating your calendar, please contact us.