A marketing lesson from the politicians

These days, it’s not just when we are in the grip of election fever in the UK, that our politicians rally furiously to grab our attention and win our vote.

We think it is true to say, that politicians have not earned a good name for themselves in recent years, as one scandal after another has rocked the Houses of Parliament. Our MPs have not always covered themselves in glory, and as a result many of the voting public have tuned out all together.

Apathy is at an all time high, and now politicians are struggling to attract our attention.

And here’s where the marketing lesson kicks in…

Part of the reason we have turned off, is because all politicians seem to do is waste valuable air time and breath criticising the competition.

Journalists offer up plenty of opportunity for each party to eloquently lay out their plans for what the country would look like under their leadership. How they will help us, and those less fortunate than us. In essence why we should vote for them.

But instead, we have a constant barrage of why other parties have got it wrong. That they will have to clear up the mess caused by their predecessor. Sneering, mockery and ill judged humour abound.

The result? The voter doesn’t know who to choose.

So, how does this translate to your business?

Are you caught up worrying about what your competitors are doing? Do you spend time criticising them? Either when you talk to people, or, worse still, in your marketing materials?

Spending your time with your head turned behind you, worrying about what is going on, means you are not looking ahead. A bit of a metaphor for being forward thinking in your business.

Sure, you need to be aware of your competition. But not so that eats you up, and you can’t articulate what is good about your own business. Focus on how you help your customers, not how your competitors don’t come up to the mark.

You don’t want to fall into the trap of being as unpopular as a politician.

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