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I would highly recommend Bang to any business owner that needs someone who really “gets it”

Like all businesses it’s the sum of the parts, that makes up the whole, and it’s no different for us. We are fortunate to have a great team of people, and some cracking partner relationships.

These people are all professionals with fantastic and varied commercial experience. But they all have one thing in common – a shared passion for great customer delivery.

Nicky Parker FCIM Chartered Marketer

For me marketing is ALL about the customer. It’s never about fancy ads or clever branding, but is always and only about giving your customer an amazing experience.

Having worked for big name brands (think mobile phones manufacturer and well known supermarkets) I now prefer to work with smaller, more agile (code for more interesting!) businesses.

What’s key for me is that the businesses I work with are focused on creating a great experience for their customers (irrespective of what they sell).

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It’s the customer service focus I love

I’ve been around business and marketing for long enough to know how it used to be – my first job in a department store was all about service. Now it’s a bit of a buzzword, but actually it’s always been crucial for me – a cornerstone.

The store’s mantra was “the customer is always right”. We did everything we could to deliver a great customer experience and I loved it. And with some of my employment spent serving in the underwear and corsetry department, I certainly learnt how to be understanding and approachable with what could be a delicate purchase!

I’d been brought up on good service too – my father was always telling me to ‘expect the best’ and ask for what I wanted and complain (nicely) when it wasn’t delivered – so it’s never occurred to me to do otherwise in my work.

I’m just one of those ‘demands the best’ passionate people, who, when I see something ‘not right’, I dive in and work on a solution. This ‘can do service’ approach has seen me apply my talents to being a troubleshooting school governor – and not just standing up for my son’s education, but all children.

Of course, we all need to switch off sometimes. My downtime is spent ballroom dancing, but as I usually dance leader, my clients will recognise my need to still be in charge! I love baking too, but won’t be making an appearance in the Bake Off tent anytime soon!



Digital strategy & implementation

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Kate brings a wealth of experience from several sectors. She’s worked in the challenging world of gaming, and more recently for the B2B side of the prestigious and renowned white goods manufacturer, Miele.

Kate has extensive marketing experience across the board, but is particularly strong on digital strategy and implementation, new product launches, event management and PR.

She has a young family, so she has plenty to juggle and keep her busy, when she isn’t looking after clients for Bang.

Sam BA (Hons)

Copywriting, comms and PR

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Sam has over 20 years’ experience developing engaging content and refining her copywriting skills across a multitude of sectors. With a BA Hons in Advertising, Media and Marketing and subsequent experience of working in PR, Marketing and specialist communications agencies Sam brings a wealth of experience to the team.

When she’s out of the office Sam is passionate about dogs, devouring books, planning holidays and writing for fun!

Sarah MA Film Studies

Business Admin & Marketing Support

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Sarah is our wonderful new admin superhero! She is super efficient and organised, so you know everything is in safe hands.

Sarah is likely to be the first voice you hear when you ring us.

When she is not at Bang, Sarah is married with a young son, and is active in school life.



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The fabulous Alice keeps control of all things financial. She was a very successful board level Finance Director in the City, before returning to Hampshire.

Whilst she does handle the bookkeeping and credit control, she also provides strategic financial direction for Bang. She also has a wicked sense of humour and no holds barred approach, which we love.

She enjoys reading, watching films and going to the theatre, as well as travelling whenever possible, in her spare time.


Integrated marketing strategies and PR

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Like Nicky, Anne has had over 25 years experience in B2B marketing and is a Chartered Marketer. Anne earned her spurs in the technology sector, as Global Marketing Director for Molex, and Market Manager for Tyco.

Anne can turn her hands to most things marketing related, and has recently expanded her knowledge by studying for a post graduate diploma in Digital Marketing Communications at MMU.

When she’s not working, Anne enjoys travelling.

Caron MCIM

Marketing Strategy, Planning & Implementation

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Caron has worked across a wide range of industries in sales and marketing including hotels, education, food, communication, electronics and finance. Her expertise is in marketing strategy, planning and implementation, and she is great at seeing the bigger picture.

Through her experience she now specialises in working with schools, but can turn her hand and expert knowledge to most sectors.

Outside of work Caron has an active family life, loves travel and enjoys walking her wonderful Labrador, Gus.




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When we need website design and online development work done, we always turn to our partners at Mass Media Design.

We’ve been working with the guys at MMD for several years, and they never disappoint. They are committed to creating everything you need to achieve a fantastic online presence – and that’s something we really subscribe to.

We have a fantastic relationship with MMD and know you’ll be delighted with the work they produce.

You can find out more about the work they do, by visiting their website: Mass Media Design

Third Bounce

Third Bounce


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Headed up by Alex Barr, Third Bounce work with many of our clients, providing vital services that dovetail nicely with our work.

We love their Client Insight service. It is the cornerstone of our work, and the way we like to start working with any new client. In summary, they uncover the unvarnished truth about any business. We get some great quotes from customers, we are able to identify what operational issues need fixing, and what marketing needs sorting.

They also work with clients on fixing business development, generating higher fees, and optimising revenue from existing clients.

They are a great team and we love working with them. Frankly, we can’t say enough about the power and impact these guys have!

If you’d like to learn more about their work you can visit their website: Third Bounce

Tara Taylor

Tara Taylor


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Tara has been our photographer of choice for a few years now. She’s worked with us on a huge variety of projects. From headshots to construction sites, Tara handles all our photography challenges with great humour and produces fab results.

We believe a picture really does paint a thousand words – and that’s why we choose Tara.

Check out more of Tara’s work, via her website: Tara Taylor Photography

Tim McNicol

Tim McNicol


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Tim has been working with us for a number of years now – delivering strong branding, marketing collateral and online design work.

As an experienced designer, Tim has a keen eye for detail, and loves the challenge of marrying fonts and imagery to really distinguish a client, and help them stand out. Through a strong commercial bias, he doesn’t allow form to dictate over function – which is very important for us.

Clients regularly feedback how delighted they are with the work Tim produces – and we are confident you will be pleased too.