Are you a savvy business owner?

Do you think of yourself as a savvy business owner?

Perhaps you’re not quite sure…

This is our definition:

An ambitious business owner who knows he can’t do everything himself. They know their areas of expertise, and they recognise they need to get help in other areas.

Unless you are an accountant you are unlikely to file your own accounts, but does even managing the numbers on a weekly or monthly basis fill you with dread? Then it’s time to look for a bookkeeper. (And we can recommend a fabulous one!)

The same is true for HR, or indeed any area of the business, that you find difficult to handle or understand.

And of course, never is that more true than marketing.

We met a business owner recently who confessed she was having trouble with her website. She was sure she could sell more online, if the eCommerce part worked better.

But then she admitted she couldn’t afford to sort it out because she had invested heavily in an accounts system she was struggling to get to grips with. She was reluctant to pay a bookkeeper, but was spending a huge amount of time trying to understand her numbers. She was also not getting to grips with her marketing.

Sadly that lady wasn’t a savvy business owner…

If marketing fills you with dread, then maybe it’s time to get savvy and get some outside help. If so, we would love to hear from you – give us a call on 01256 83 11 10.

Are you ready to get your marketing sorted?

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