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Our work: Marketing for Bookworx

When the very lovely Alice Macnair of Bookworx, and also our totally fab finance person, turned to us for assistance with her marketing, we were delighted to help. Alice decided it was time to embrace a new website, and maybe even a refresh of her brand. With that in mind, she was quite surprised when… Read More

How to make Marketing work

So, last time, we looked at why marketing doesn’t work. Naturally you would expect us to tell you marketing does work. And, believe us, it does. So, let’s explore how you can make it work… Ideal Customer Profile If you don’t know what a really good customer is for your business, how can you hope… Read More

Why Marketing doesn’t work – Part Two

So, we’ve already looked at some of the common reasons why marketing fails. In this second part of our series, we explore a few more problems… Competitor Paralysis When we did our marketing qualifications all those years ago (cough), one of the first things we learned was about the importance of knowing your competitors. We’ve… Read More

Why Marketing doesn’t work – Part One

Gasp! Did a marketing agency really say that marketing doesn’t work? Yes, we did… But before you close the page, thinking that’s why you’ve wasted money on marketing without success, let’s explore why it doesn’t work… Wrong Customers We know – you’re thinking how can you have wrong customers? Surely any customer is good? Well,… Read More

Should we be using Twitter?

Business owners often ask us: Should we be using Twitter? It’s impossible to answer that question in isolation. And let’s face it, it would be a pretty short blog post, if the answer was a straightforward yes or no! So, what factors determine whether or not you should be on Twitter? Your customers – are… Read More

The connection between your marketing and a six pack

Do you wish you still had that six pack you had when you were in your early twenties? These days, you know just how much hard work it would require to get your six pack back. Hard work, determination, a carefully controlled diet, and plenty of hours at the gym. It’s definitely possible, but it… Read More

Rewarding your customer loyalty

In your quest to grow your business, you are, no doubt, looking to develop conversations with new contacts. You might have bought some data, and we’re confident you will have a marketing process started! But what about your existing customers? Do you have a process for marketing to them? And, even more important, what do you… Read More

Good as the weakest link

If you read this blog regularly you will know customer experience is a huge deal for us. We make no apologies for being fanatical about great customer service. We see giving customers and prospects a great experience is integral to great marketing. The trouble is we are constantly busy working in our business. And let’s… Read More

It’s all change at Bang

2016 see us celebrating our tenth anniversary. I can hardly believe 10 years has flown by since I first started the business, and my goodness things have changed so much in that time. Social media, smart phones and the continual proliferation of all things digital have all come about. And the marketing landscape has changed… Read More

The right customer experience

Having talked last time about meeting customer expectations, I just had to share my recent experience in the bank… Like many people I’ve banked with the same company for years. Despite reassurances it’s easy to change, most of us are just too apathetic to move. It feels like too much trouble. And yet, many of us… Read More