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Do the marketing basics first

When business is tough, and you’re desperate to start getting more orders through the door, it can be very tempting to rush out and start trying all sorts of things. You might start ringing people, doing a bit of Facebook advertising, sending emails etc. As desperation kicks in, you jump from one activity to another…. Read More

Is the USP dead?

We’ve talked before about the USP, and, in some environments, it’s still very powerful. But in the consumer savvy world we now live in, and yes, that applies just as much to the B2B world, as B2C, have we become just a bit too cynical? After all, when you line up a load of law… Read More

Understanding the buyer signals

We know you probably think we’re rather obsessed with customers, and you’d be right. But the truth is, without knowing your customers and understanding them, your marketing won’t be successful. We’ve talked before about the relationship between sales and marketing – which, sadly, is not always a harmonious one. But we believe it should be… Read More

Marketing to new data

We’ve talked before about the challenges of buying data, and what to do if you decide to take the plunge. But it still astonishes us how so many business behave… They just add you to their database, presumably along with the hundreds or even thousands of other names they bought, and then treat you exactly the same… Read More

Talk to Me

When we meet a new client they often confess to having no kind of customer database. Whilst we wouldn’t necessarily expect you to have a database of people you don’t know, there really is no reason not to talk to your existing customers and contacts. You don’t have to make it complicated… Set up an… Read More

Who are you?

When we first started writing copy for clients’ websites back in 2006, we often advised them not to bother with an About page. Our reasoning was that it isn’t about you, it’s about your customers, and what’s in it for them. Back then most About pages were deathly dull – a boring history of the… Read More

Branded pens and Christmas parties

Somebody said to me last week: “Marketing doesn’t do anything other than organise the Christmas party, and order the branded pens!” Whilst I know he was only joking with me, it has lead me to think about my profession. Just why do so many business owners recoil in horror from marketing? Why has marketing earned… Read More

Don’t buy that!

Building trust is an essential part of developing a strong relationship with your customers. When you have trust, your customers will give you the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong. They will be willing to support you, if you want to test an idea or a new product. They will be happy to… Read More

Part 2: Creating Marketing Images

Last time, we looked at PicMonkey – a great tool for editing and enhances photos and adding effects. Today, we want to introduce you to Canva. Canva is a super easy tool for creating stand out marketing images. They even have a great range of pre-set designs suitable for different uses: Twitter, Facebook, blogs, posters,… Read More

Creating marketing images

You’ve decided to start getting serious about your marketing, and you know using some great images will really help reinforce your messages. The chances are you don’t have endless budget to employ a graphic designer, so what can you do? The good news is that there are some great tools available online that are very… Read More