Building the marketing layers

We recently shared our thoughts on marketing being a slow burn, and to highlight that we wanted to share how we tackle marketing.

We like to think of marketing as layers.

This is how we work with our clients to build those layers:

  1. Understand the business – what they do, how they are doing and where they want to be
  2. Understand the customers – talk to them, get a feel for what they love about working with our client, and what makes the experience good
  3. Review the website – the look, the navigation, the wording, the statistics
  4. Review the branding – in truth this is done along with the website. We’re not huge fans of chucking the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, but sometimes the brand just doesn’t work with the message and business direction.
  5. Check out the database – how current it is, how well segmented, and how it is used.
  6. Put together a marketing action plan – immediate priorities, medium term plans and longer term ideas
  7. Action! You can’t do this without doing all the spadework first, but equally if you don’t take action you won’t move forward. Sometimes clients like to do the marketing themselves and use us as a sounding board, and sometimes they prefer to hand it over to a safe pair of hands.
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