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Dr Sparky

Doctor Sparky is a family run electrician business, offering a full range of electrical services. Their customers are home owners, domestic and commercial letting agents and companies with commercial property.


Business owners, Mark Francis and Harry Smith, wanted to grow their electrician business. They worked with a number of letting agents, and were keen to develop that side of their business.

They had a website, but were not making the most of it. There was no marketing experience in the business, and they didn’t know how to take the next step. They had worked with a marketing company before but had very poor results, and found the experience very disheartening. As a result, they were sceptical about marketing professionals.

The business tended to be quite cyclical- they had times of the year when they were run off their feet, whilst other times it was quieter. The guys were keen to try and resolve that.

In summary, Mark and Harry wanted more consistency and to grow their business, and a professional approach to their marketing.


The guys didn’t have a database, so we started off by analysing all their invoicing for the last four years, and pulling together a database. Having looked at the trading history, we identified that there were other areas of their business that would be more beneficial for them to develop.

We recommended focusing on commercial clients, and commercial letting agents, whilst still welcoming residential customers and letting agents.

Having established that was the direction to take the business, we looked at their branding. Mark and Harry wanted to keep their Dr Sparky character, but accepted the need to upgrade for a more commercial feel.

We spoke to a number of their clients, who all gave glowing feedback about their work. We were able to create some very powerful testimonials for their marketing, to support their fantastic Checkatrade reviews.

We then created a new website for them, and developed new wording for the site.

We discussed ongoing marketing with them.


Dr Sparky has grown considerably since the launch of their new site. In particular, there has been increase in commercial clients.

They have been very busy since, and that growth has been throughout the year, helping to even out some of the seasonal peaks and troughs.

Due to their growth, they have decided to put further marketing on hold currently, until they are able to increase their team of electricians.

We continue to talk to them about their business, and are ready to support them at the next stage.

So what did the
client think?

We had spent quite a lot of money on working with a marketing person before, and been really disenchanted. She promised all sorts of things, and then just didn’t deliver. As a result, we were quite sceptical.

When we met Nicky and Anne we were really impressed with them. They clearly knew their stuff, but they were practical and pragmatic. They didn’t make unrealistic promises; they were up front and honest.

Doing the analysis of our previous sales was a real eye opener for us. We just hadn’t appreciated the different revenue lines and where it made sense for us to focus. We are so glad they did that.

Talking to our clients was a revelation too. We’ve always enjoyed great reviews on Checkatrade, but they are often given by our domestic customers. Getting feedback from commercial clients and letting agents was hugely helpful.

We were reluctant to remove our Dr Sparky character from our branding, but Bang persuaded us to move towards a more “corporate” feel for our website, to attract more commercial customers. We are so glad we made that leap, because it has paid off in spades.

We now have a website to be proud of, and a significant increase in business.

Bang have restored our faith in marketing. We now know it works – it’s just about finding the right team. And if you choose Bang, you’ve certainly found the right team.”

Harry Smith, Doctor Sparky