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Intelligent Counting

Intelligent Counting are a technology company. They have equipment designed to count people in busy environments such as retail outlets, museums, galleries and visitor attractions. Their clients are world renowned companies including the Natural History Museum, Nike, Molton Brown and Christie’s Auction House.

They have sophisticated software and reporting enabling their clients to cut and slice the data in various ways to support the needs of their business.


The company were just launching a major upgrade release on their software. They wanted to capitalise on this by having a new website.

Their previous website had been designed and built in house, but they no longer had the capacity to move this forward. Intelligent Counting had never outsourced before, and they were understandably nervous.

They knew they wanted a content managed website, but beyond that, they were in our hands.

All the marketing had been handled in house too, by Diana, their Managing Director. She is their front person, and handles all of the sales, and much of the account management.

They were very open to new ideas, but were concerned about the impact on their business, and the perceptions of their clients.


Initially, we were brought in, in partnership with the team at Mass Media Design, to deliver the wording for the new site.

We suggested we spoke to several of their clients, to find out more about their business from the client perspective. They were very uncomfortable about this, but we committed to total transparency. We assured them we would handle everything sensitively, but that it was integral to delivering the right copy for their new website.

We spoke to a number of clients, and wrote up reports to feedback to iC. We were also able to write several very positive testimonials that customers were happy to approve, and gave iC some great content for their site.

We then created all of the content and talked through how this would work with the navigation on the site.

We recommended returning to their roots and embracing their logo colouring for their new website. We worked closely with the designer to integrate some impressive imagery with the new colours.

The team at iC were so delighted they wanted new marketing collateral, so we supported them with the design, content and printing of that too.


The new website was launched to meet their deadline. They were delighted with the results, and reported very favourable feedback from their clients.

They were keen to be seen as a very credible and trustworthy business – something many of their long standing and prestigious clients already knew. iC firmly believe they have achieved that goal with their new site.

They were delighted with the client feedback and continue to work with us to gain further testimonials.

Most importantly, we created a fantastic working relationship with the Managing Director, and continue to meet up to bounce ideas and support them with ad hoc projects.

So what did the
client think?

Bang was introduced to us as the ‘word part’ of our website.

But it soon became clear they offered so much more. Beyond being a wordsmith, Nicky has expert extra skills. She makes a great sounding board, and constantly makes me think what else can I tap into her for. I wouldn’t have gone looking for a marketing agency, but working with Nicky is very powerful and exciting.

Having the new website has refreshed and energised a lot of things in the business and I’m delighted Nicky suggested returning to our core brand colours – I suddenly realised we’d lost track of our brand, but now it looks really strong. Nicky stuck with us, getting into the iC culture, and we now have very clear messaging without the techno babble.

When Nicky wanted to talk our clients, I was hugely uncomfortable. But she created a really safe environment to show how it would work, and I can now see just how powerful it is when it is done right. We have some excellent testimonials, which has delighted both our customers and the whole iC team.”

Diana Perry, Intelligent Counting