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Sandringham Carpets

Sandringham Carpets specialise in providing a full carpet service to the interior design market. They deliver an end to end solution from inspiration to installation.

Their carpets range from cool neutral wools and beautiful very high end silks though to a totally bespoke option – where the client can design any pattern and colour in partnership with the interior designer


Initially, we were approached by Sandringham back in 2010 to help with the wording for their new website. When they realised how our approach worked, we took on managing the website project to ensure it delivered exactly what they wanted.

Communication to their existing client base was sporadic, because there was no communication plan, and nobody in house with copywriting expertise.

Marketing was handled on ad hoc basis, as and when the company needed it. They were frequently praised for their great customer service, but none of that information was captured in testimonials.

They also struggled to get images from clients of completed installations. This led to challenges when wanting to promote carpet ranges.


Having managed the launch of their website we pulled together a communication calendar and set up email campaigns to talk to clients regularly.

We spoke to the interior designers to capture their thoughts on Sandringham’s products and service, and created meaningful testimonials.

We worked on marketing campaigns to promote various products and services. We also worked closely with photographers to brief them on photo shoots, and ensure the client got the right imagery.

We instigated a designer profile section on the website, for interior designers to talk about their work, their experiences of using Sandringham, and to share some of their designs. This has resulted in a great image library.

Since 2010, we have worked with Sandringham on two further websites. The latest one also saw a refresh of their branding, which has taken it onto a completely new level. New business stationery, and high quality marketing collateral has been added.

We have supported their social media activities, and ensured their online presence remains strong.


The company has moved forward significantly since we started working with them.

They have now gone into the bespoke market – and are able to offer clients made to measure carpets in any design and colour way. They have an impressive showroom at their premises to showcase their products.

The business has grown substantially and seen a number of changes.

We continue to work with them on an ongoing basis to support them with their marketing needs.

So what did the
client think?

Nicky has worked with us for several years now. In that time, she has helped us to create a much more professional image, cementing our reputation for quality products with excellent customer service.

Nicky handles all of our marketing, including overseeing the development of three websites, writing all our content and newsletters. She also talks to our clients – and then creates our designer profiles, as well as building up a library of great testimonials.

There is no doubt that our business has grown as a result of effective marketing – and that is thanks to Nicky.”

Murray Leach, Sandringham Carpets