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It’s all change at Bang

2016 see us celebrating our tenth anniversary. I can hardly believe 10 years has flown by since I first started the business, and my goodness things have changed so much in that time. Social media, smart phones and the continual proliferation of all things digital have all come about. And the marketing landscape has changed… Read More

Understanding the buyer signals

We know you probably think we’re rather obsessed with customers, and you’d be right. But the truth is, without knowing your customers and understanding them, your marketing won’t be successful. We’ve talked before about the relationship between sales and marketing – which, sadly, is not always a harmonious one. But we believe it should be… Read More

Marketing to new data

We’ve talked before about the challenges of buying data, and what to do if you decide to take the plunge. But it still astonishes us how so many business behave… They just add you to their database, presumably along with the hundreds or even thousands of other names they bought, and then treat you exactly the same… Read More

Don’t buy that!

Building trust is an essential part of developing a strong relationship with your customers. When you have trust, your customers will give you the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong. They will be willing to support you, if you want to test an idea or a new product. They will be happy to… Read More

The Secret to Overnight Success

You’ve probably read about businesses that are an overnight success. And, we’re guessing, you have thought about how much you’d like to achieve the same thing with your business. And you’re not alone. Many business owners hanker after the same success. So, why, if this is the Holy Grail so many are after, hasn’t anyone… Read More

Why marketing and dating are similar

Don’t worry, we’re not going to start going all gooey and talk about personal emotions. However, there are a lot more similarities between marketing and dating than you might think… When it comes to finding new customers, think about it as if you were finding a new partner. You wouldn’t rush straight in, you’d do… Read More

Keeping your promise

How often do you meet a new supplier, come away all excited, only to feel let down a few days later? Yep – it happens to us too. People in professional trades such as plumbers and electricians, seem to suffer with a reputation for not returning calls and responding to people. That’s a great shame,… Read More

Ask the customer

When we meet clients for the first time, one of the first questions we ask is what makes you different? What is your unique selling point? Sometimes the client believes they know. They think they are better than their competitors in some way. In truth many of us work in very competitive environments, where many… Read More

Appearance – does it really matter?

You know the old adage: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. And yet, try as we might, to quash our own prejudices, it’s hard not to make judgements. Deep down you don’t want to be “shallow” and pass opinion on people based on their appearance. But we still all do it Sometimes, we are… Read More

Do you ask for the order?

We’re willing to bet that you are nodding right now. Of course you ask for the order – what a silly question! But we want you to stand back and think. Do you really ask? At this point, we’re not suggesting you turn into a pushy salesman – the type we associate with double glazing… Read More