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A marketing lesson from the politicians

At the moment we are in the grip of election fever in the UK, as our politicians rally furiously to grab our attention and win our vote. I think it is true to say that politicians have not earned a good name for themselves in recent years, as one scandal after another has rocked the… Read More

What is copywriting?

I have talked a lot about copywriting. But what actually is copywriting? In essence, it is all of the words used for marketing and communicating with customers and potential customers. Examples include: Website content Blogs Newsletters – both email and in print Advertisements White papers and articles Press releases Sales letters Email campaigns Scripts for… Read More

Not that again

When I write copy – both for my own business and for clients – the writing is just the first part of the process. Then it’s time for a good edit. One of the first things I do, is go through my copy and look for the word ‘that’. Nine times out of ten I… Read More

What is AIDA?

Today, we are going to look at a very common marketing term: AIDA AIDA stands for: A = Attention I = Interest D = Desire A = Action Like many of the terms we have explored it can be used in many aspects of business, but is most common in copywriting. And it works just… Read More

Why snake oil doesn’t cut it anymore…

Buying a car is a big decision. Other than buying a house, it’s the biggest purchase most of us are likely to make. And for the majority of people, that purchase is also an emotional one – no matter which brand and model of car is your preference. Why then are most cars marketed in… Read More

Do you have okey cokey syndrome?

Are you scratching your head now? What exactly do I mean by okey cokey syndrome? This is the term I use when businesses are so excited by their equipment that they want to share every last detail about it with their customers. Their newest printer with lots of bells and whistles that produces all sorts… Read More

What to do with the data

Having tried to talk you out of buying data, last time we shared some ideas about how you could reduce the pitfalls. Today we are going to look at what to do once you have that huge spreadsheet in front of you! Whilst you still have a mountain to climb, and success is by no… Read More

Are you really communicating with your customers?

I would like you to take a long hard look at what you are saying to your customers. Not so much any brochures or website copy – I hope you’ve got that buttoned! But I want you to be honest about your newsletters and blog posts… Are you really communicating with your customers? Yes, of… Read More

A marketing lesson from Rudyard Kipling

I believe you can take lessons in marketing, and copywriting, from many different places, and you might be quite surprised at some. But for me, the start of Rudyard Kipling’s poem I Keep Six Honest Serving Men, is an excellent reminder of what we should all keep in mind: “I keep six honest serving men… Read More

Tone of Voice – MailChimp

I recently shared with you the importance of developing your own tone of voice when writing copy. It’s important that you develop your voice through understanding your customers, but equally by reflecting you and your business. Of course, you have to accept that you are not going to appeal to everyone, but then, no business… Read More