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Rewarding your customer loyalty

In your quest to grow your business, you are, no doubt, looking to develop conversations with new contacts. You might have bought some data, and we’re confident you will have a marketing process started! But what about your existing customers? Do you have a process for marketing to them? And, even more important, what do you… Read More

Good as the weakest link

If you read this blog regularly you will know customer experience is a huge deal for us. We make no apologies for being fanatical about great customer service. We see giving customers and prospects a great experience is integral to great marketing. The trouble is we are constantly busy working in our business. And let’s… Read More

The right customer experience

Having talked last time about meeting customer expectations, I just had to share my recent experience in the bank… Like many people I’ve banked with the same company for years. Despite reassurances it’s easy to change, most of us are just too apathetic to move. It feels like too much trouble. And yet, many of us… Read More

Are you meeting customer expectations?

Are you confident you’re meeting your customer expectations? You know that feeling when you go somewhere and the experience was not what you expected? Even worse, when you are a regular customer, and you leave feeling disappointed. Your business helps your customers and prospects to set expectations. Every company does that. How do you do that? Well, actually,… Read More

Talk to Me

When we meet a new client they often confess to having no kind of customer database. Whilst we wouldn’t necessarily expect you to have a database of people you don’t know, there really is no reason not to talk to your existing customers and contacts. You don’t have to make it complicated… Set up an… Read More

Don’t buy that!

Building trust is an essential part of developing a strong relationship with your customers. When you have trust, your customers will give you the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong. They will be willing to support you, if you want to test an idea or a new product. They will be happy to… Read More

Keeping your promise

How often do you meet a new supplier, come away all excited, only to feel let down a few days later? Yep – it happens to us too. People in professional trades such as plumbers and electricians, seem to suffer with a reputation for not returning calls and responding to people. That’s a great shame,… Read More

A great American customer experience

Today I want to share with you a fabulous customer experience from across the pond – reinforcing the American reputation that the customer is king. My dog has a minor thyroid problem and takes drugs to control this. Our vet had been experiencing problems obtaining these drugs, and we have had to have a more… Read More

Made the sale? Don’t say goodbye

We’re often surprised by the way companies miss out on the opportunity to gain extra sales, by failing to follow up. But, it’s so much more than that. It’s also a chance to deliver a great customer experience, and make any tweaks to improve your service. Let’s unpick this in more detail… If you sell… Read More

A great customer experience

Today, I want to share with you a great customer experience I had last week. There is a little bit of build up to the story, so bear with me… I won’t bore you with the gory details why, but I am on a hugely restrictive diet at the moment – no gluten, no yeast,… Read More