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What is SEO?

SEO is the recognised abbreviation for search engine optimisation. But what does it actually mean? It is about developing your site so it moves up the page (known as ranking) on Google and the other search engines. Of course the goal is to appear on page one, and the nearer the top the better. Despite… Read More

What is social media?

Goodness that question feels like a minefield! We know you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But let’s try to briefly demystify what social media is… In essence, it is networking online via the internet rather than face to face. You could argue it’s perfect for people who are natural introverts. Those of us who find… Read More

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a communication for both customers and prospects, sharing information about your business. What sort of information? New product or service introductions Introduction to new staff Exciting customer wins Stories about how you have worked with customers – case studies, testimonials etc Customer showcase News about staff or the business Sharing information/expertise Images from… Read More

What is a case study?

We have to confess – case studies are one of our all time favourite marketing tools. They are a fantastic way of showcasing your work. But before we get too carried away… What is a case study? This is you demonstrating how you have helped one of your customers using your products or services. It… Read More

What is profit?

We know – you’re thinking ‘Profit isn’t a marketing phrase, it’s a financial expression!’ And, of course, you’re right. However, we can tell you that we spent a considerable amount of time during our marketing training, grappling with ‘Finance for Marketers’. There were a few headaches, but we’re glad we did it! So, why have… Read More

What is a marketing campaign?

You may well have heard the term ‘marketing campaign’ banded about before, and wondered exactly what it is. Here’s our take on it… A campaign is a series of steps promoting a business, service or product. Typically, this is one message communicated through a variety of mediums. For example, this might be the launch of a… Read More

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can provide a good add on income for your business, and is certainly worth considering. What actually is affiliate marketing? This is when a person or business recommends a product, service or business, and is financially rewarded when there is a sale. Sometimes, this works through links on a website, or sometimes, the… Read More

What is impostor syndrome?

This is a post of confessions to a degree! The first confession is that impostor syndrome is not really a marketing phrase – it applies in both the business world and elsewhere. That said, it does have a direct effect on marketing – as it can really stop you moving forward with your business. So,… Read More

What is a testimonial?

You have probably read posts on this blog before mentioning testimonials. If you have wondered what they really are, then read on… A testimonial is, in practice, a quote from a happy client about the work you have done for them. That’s the basic principle, but, in truth, there are testimonials and testimonials. Whilst you… Read More

What is a call to action?

You have probably read posts from us before referring to a call to action. But what is a call to action? This is the expression used to refer to what you want a reader to do at the end of reading your marketing material, hearing an advert, watching a video etc. Calls to action can… Read More