Channelling creative energy into your business

creative energy

It’s not just February, it’s an opportunity to kick start the year with a creative high.

While there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting our creative juices flowing, we know that’s not necessarily your bag, so we want to help you to creatively improve your business with these quick tips.

Wake up with colour

A simple way to influence employees‘ attitudes, behaviours, satisfaction and performance is through colour. Specific colours bring benefits to people while working.  O‘Brien’s Colour Theory on colours for a working environment says blue is ideal for someone who must focus and concentrate on numbers, green is a great choice for a management as it has a balancing effect, and yellow is suitable for sales. The Bang purple on our meeting room wall always brings a smile!

Take a fresh approach to everyday tasks

Business systems and processes don’t always have to happen the ‘normal way’. We challenge you to take a process and ask “Why do we do it this way?” You don’t have to turn the business upside down, just consider a few little changes and see if there’s a better way.

Try a few other things too… Present a statistic with a fun gif, tell a story through an infographic, run a training day in a botanical garden, hold a conference through a webinar, or launch a new service with a podcast.

If there’s one thing Covid-19 did for businesses it’s getting them to think creatively about how they can still reach customers. Bricks and mortar stores went online offering click and collect and delivery, and some manufacturers started rolling out ventilators and PPE.

Free up your thinking time and recharge

Ideas can’t always be relied upon to jump out of the home or office walls that you stare at daily. Nor, are they likely to pop out of the screens that you look at for far too long each day. Research into company directors has shown only 11% have their best ideas while working. 12% have them in the bath, 18% while in bed and 39% do their creative thinking while travelling.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve lost your daily commute or just need a fresh approach, liberate your mind with some new idea generating methods. Go for walk, ride a bike, stand in nature, read a real book, listen to a podcast, talk to your neighbour, meditate or try a mindful activity like gardening or knitting.

So you see – creativity doesn’t have to be about being the world’s best artist. A little creative thinking can go a long way in business whether it’s giving a boost to the working environment, your staff, your procedures or yourself.

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