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by | Dec 8, 2015 | Marketing

When business is tough, and you’re desperate to start getting more orders through the door, it can be very tempting to rush out and start trying all sorts of things.

You might start ringing people, doing a bit of Facebook advertising, sending emails etc.

As desperation kicks in, you jump from one activity to another. Not measuring, not allowing time for things to work, not sure what to do next.

Sadly, we see this with some business owners.

They end up feeling marketing isn’t working for them. What’s the point? It isn’t bringing in any orders.

So, what is the answer?

It’s not as sexy as lovely adverts in magazines, glossy brochures or sparkly exhibition stands.

You need to get the marketing basics right

Your customers – where have they come from before? How have you attracted them? How long ago did you reach out to them?

It is always cheaper and more cost effective to market and sell to your existing customers than it is to try and acquire new ones.

You need a plan to regularly reach out to your customers

If you’re in a service based business you need to see them or speak to them on the phone – don’t hide behind email.

But when you’ve exhausted that and need to find new customers, you need to think about what you look like to new prospects.

And, by that we mean, your website needs to be on it. It needs to look modern and fresh. It needs to really reflect you and your business. And it needs to work! Every link, every download, every page. It needs to be up to date – with all the services or products you offer now.

Once you have a strong online presence in your website, then you can consider reaching out to new contacts. Don’t be under any illusions – we all check each other out online, and your customers are no different.

When you do decide to try a new marketing tool, give it time to bed in. There are always teething problems when you try something new, so check it, test it, measure it.

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