Do you ask for the order?

We’re willing to bet that you are nodding right now. Of course you ask for the order – what a silly question!

But we want you to stand back and think. Do you really ask?

At this point, we’re not suggesting you turn into a pushy salesman – the type we associate with double glazing sales. Far from it.

If you are in the business to business market, selling services, you probably give your customer a quote. We’re guessing that, like most companies, you send this in the post or by email.

But do you follow up?

Do you check the customer has received the quote? Do they know what to do next? Do they have everything they need to make a decision?

Here, we can learn some lessons from some of the eCommerce companies. If you abandon your shopping before placing the order, they often send you an email asking if you still want to go ahead, or if there was a problem.

Tesco ask you if you had forgotten to add your regular purchases to your trolley before checking out. Other supermarkets probably do the same.

We’re naturally reticent to ask for an order, because most of us don’t like sales.

And yet, without it we don’t have a business…

So, here are some ideas for you:

  • Arrange a meeting to go through the quote – explaining why you are recommending the solution you have and offering flexibility if the customer doesn’t want everything
  • Call them to see if they have any questions
  • Send a follow up email to make sure they received the quote and if they have everything they need
  • Send them some testimonials or a couple of case studies
  • Give your quote a time limit and follow up just before it is due to expire to remind them
  • And why not really step out of your comfort zone and even tell the customer you’d like the business – “You are exactly the kind of business we like to work with. We feel the chemistry is good, and we can really help you. So, I’m asking if you would like to place an order.”

We know the last suggestion isn’t for everyone, but it does work.

It seems strange that any follow up or request for an order is needed. Surely the customer will tell you if he wants to order?

We know – because we thought like that too

But actually, there are any number of reasons why an order may not have materialised. The customer could be ill, might not have had the quote, might have forgotten about it, might be suddenly very busy, or their circumstances may have changed.

You don’t know – but if you don’t ask, you never will know.

And just think – that dream order you quoted for a couple of weeks ago, could be just about to come in…

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