Do you have okey cokey syndrome?

by | May 7, 2014 | Copywriting, Marketing

Are you scratching your head now?

What exactly do we mean by okey cokey syndrome?

This is the term we use when businesses are so excited by their equipment, that they want to share every last detail about it with their customers. Their newest printer with lots of bells and whistles that produces all sorts of exciting things, the all singing, all dancing piece of kit that practically makes the tea…

You get the picture…

You have invested a lot of money in upgrading to new technology and you want to share this with the world.

The trouble is…

The world doesn’t want to know. Your customers don’t care.

All anybody cares about is:  “What is in it for me?”

We’ve had many clients over the years, who are desperate to talk to customers and leads in great detail about their new machinery and equipment:

We’ve just invested in the Okey Cokey 5001 and it does this…

They have the mistaken belief that this is going to impress the customer, or magically make them want to do business.

The truth is so different. To engage a customer or lead you need to speak to their emotions, and tell stories – and, no, that’s not a euphism for telling porkies!

And yes, that applies just as much in the business to business world as it does for consumer brands.

Believe us – there are a number of brands, who have already woken up to this and achieved some great results.

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