Done the survey, now what?

Surveying your customers to find out how they feel, particularly about your customer service, is an excellent idea.

The method you choose – telephone, post, email, web, will help to dictate the kind of questions you can ask, and the quality of the answers. You will then need to collate and analyse all the responses.

Whilst you will need to put in place an action plan to address the good and the bad and to ensure your business has learnt from the exercise, it is just as important that you follow up with your customers.

Sometimes giving the customer the opportunity to air their grievances is a huge relief – they are pleased that you want to know what they think. They will see it as a chance to unburden themselves, and that can be small niggles (that might seem insignificant to you) or much bigger issues.

But once you’ve done that, you must take action.

I recently took part in a telephone survey about my visit to my car dealer to rectify a problem. I wasn’t hugely complementary, and furthermore expressed my huge grievances over holes in the sale. The chap on the phone assured me he had recorded all of my concerns. But then what? Nothing.

Well actually, that’s not quite true. What happened next was a postal survey asking about my experience. But no reference to the previous telephone survey – it was like it hadn’t even happened.

Of course, now I am left wondering why I bothered, and if the car manufacturer really cares.

Make sure your customers know you care, by talking to them after they tell you there is a problem. No matter how small that problem may be, it is important to the customer, so it needs to be important to you too.

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