Driving traffic to your website

Already this year, we’ve talked about the importance of your website and making this your first priority in your marketing.

That’s all very well, but what’s the point of having a bright, shiny website if nobody comes by?

So, today, we’re going to talk about driving traffic to your website

Here’s some ideas for you to try:

  • Social media – we’ve already shared with you some of the ups and downs, but this is a very significant traffic builder
  • PPC – pay per click advertising on one or more search engines
  • SEO – ensuring good search engine optimisation – we’re not making light of this one, as it can be very competitive, challenging and expensive to reach the first page
  • Guest blogging – writing posts for other blogs and websites will help get you found – just be sure to have a strong biography at the end of the post, with a link to your website
  • Online directories – free directory listings are not so effective for SEO now, but can still drive traffic. However, having a listing on relevant directories in your sector can help you.
  • Business stationery – ensure your website is on all your business stationery, particularly business cards
  • Email signature – is your website in your email signature? If not, it should be – and don’t forget to cover off the legal stuff in your signature too
  • Presentations and talks – if you are given the chance to speak at events, don’t forget to have a slide at the end with your contact details including your website. If you have the chance to email out handouts or a copy of the presentation embed your website address in the footer of the email and save it as a PDF.

You will need to experiment with what sits comfortably with you. Some of this may be outside your budget (SEO & PPC can be very expensive when you use a professional company), and some of this may be outside your comfort zone – presenting and guest blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But we’re confident you will find one or two ideas that work for you and your business.

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