Fifteen Year Anniversary – Time to Remember

Bang anniversary and Caron

Today marks the anniversary of Bang starting as an outsourced marketing agency. I actually started doing marketing work with clients in September, fifteen years ago. And whilst I will be celebrating that a little later in the month, today is also tinged with sadness for me.

It was a good friend who encouraged me and gave me the confidence to start Bang.

In fact, even before that, when I was a freelancer writer, writing an article for the Times Education Supplement. I was interviewing her, whilst writing about Headteacher recruitment, and she asked to meet up afterwards. She then asked me to work with her doing the PR for an independent school. I told her I had never done it before, and she said: “I think you can do it. Let’s give it a go for six months and see what happens.” I did it for almost three years!

Then when I needed to generate more income, she suggested I dusted off those marketing qualifications and skills, and started doing marketing for SMEs. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you if you need any support, but you’re going to be fine.” And she was right, I was.

So, why is it tinged with sadness?

Because the lovely Caron passed away in January from a brain tumour. And because of all of the problems last year, I didn’t get chance to catch up with her.

That glass she would have very happily raised with me to celebrate, won’t be lifted.

But wherever you are now, Caron, I am raising a glass to you. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the push I needed. Here’s to you. And Bang being fifteen.

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