Five Top Tips for Creating an Infographic

creating an infographic

Are you thinking of creating an infographic? Good choice – infographics are a creative way to inform via graphics and text. Easy to absorb and far more memorable than plain text, they are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is to capture attention and take the viewer on a brief explanatory journey.

At their simplest, infographics can provide instructions.

You will have no doubt glanced at a safety card when jetting off on a plane journey or tried to decipher the care label of your clothing using an infographic. And they are pretty essential reading for building flat packed furniture! Even the Government has opted for infographics as a way to remind and educate people about Covid 19.

These days, infographics are becoming increasingly popular in business, often used to summarise a topic, simplify a process or bring to life survey data. They make attractive timelines, newsletters, social media posts and style guides too.

There are no set rules, just a few basic ingredients:


Keep your message clear and tell the story as simply as possible. The reader should be able to scan their way through. If you can’t say it simply then it’s not suitable for an infographic.


Stick to headlines, sub-headings and short statements or bulleted information to clearly explain key points with minimal text. The text should balance 50/50 with imagery at the most – the image is king. 


Use icons, symbols and illustrations to visualise the information and help the viewer to understand what they are being told.


Supply relevant charts, statistics and facts to support your message and increase data understanding by helping to make sense of the numbers.

  • Use lines, borders, and shapes to group the information and help it flow.
  • Use a limited colour palette of up to 5 colours, including your brand colours.
  • Use up to three different font styles – one for each text type.
  • Check the scale of your infographic – it needs to be readable at various sizes.

Digital or print?  Static, animated or interactive?  Infographics can be as engaging as you choose to make them.

There are plenty of infographic templates available for use and inspiration.

Need some help? We can point you in the right direction or get creative with you of course.