Google or you?

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Copywriting, Marketing

We’ve lost count of the number of business owners who have talked to us about the Holy Grail of having their website in the top spot on Google.

When people search for their business they want to be up there and clicked on straight away.

Now that is a reasonable desire, and we totally get why you might want to achieve that, but clicking on a web link on Google is just the very start of the journey…

How many times have you clicked on a link, got to the website and gone straight away again? It either wasn’t what you wanted, took too long to load, looks horrible or just doesn’t engage you.

And there in lies the rub

Often, writing for Google doesn’t have the same effect as writing for your reader. Yes, the search engines like it, but the reader doesn’t, and surely it is the reader who is your potential customer?

So, what’s the answer?

We believe the answer is to focus on the customer, first and foremost. How can you do that?

  • Know your customers – who are your ideal customer types?
  • Use the word “you” frequently – and certainly don’t write in the third person
  • The emphasis should be on the customer and not your business
  • Understand your customer’s issues – what are their problems?
  • Make navigation simple and clear – what journey do they need to take on the website?
  • Include calls to action – what should your visitor do next?

There’s plenty of debate about the reduced power of Google due to the rise in social media, and the desire for social proof when seeking suppliers.

In addition, Google is continuously changing their algorithms on how they rank pages – so you could be in position one on one day and on page two or three the next.

Coupled with the increasing move to make Google relevant to individuals, you probably don’t see the same thing on your search in Google as we do – it begs the question is search engine ranking really the Holy Grail?

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