Great Direct Mail from Sue Ryder

by | May 11, 2012 | Copywriting, Marketing

We want to share with you what we believe is a great example of direct marketing. It is a letter from the charity Sue Ryder.

So, let’s look at what makes it great, in our opinion:

  1. Taking the trouble to write to thank us for donating to the charity shop in itself marks them out as different. There is a plethora of charity shops, and we’re guessing in the current market that some of them struggle. By taking the time to write it sets them apart from the crowd.
  2. The letter tells us how much money has been raised from the stuff we have donated. Wow! How good do we feel that we have achieved that?
  3. Then – even better – the charity shares with us some of the work they do. They tell us the story of Keith Stacey – how his life was turned upside down after a brain tumour, and what life is like now that he has been helped by Sue Ryder. Not only does this pull on your heart strings, but of course, you feel inclined to do more to help.
  4. The letter focuses on the additional help they are able to get by claiming gift aid on our donations – no cost to us, but great help to them.
  5. The blue area you see at the bottom is donation labels we can fix to anything we want to give to the shop – making it easier for staff and quicker for us. All designed to make giving easier.
  6. They are not asking for money – they mention further unwanted items in a post script (PS) at the end of the letter.
  7. Contact details – if we want to talk to any of the team there is a telephone number, with the hours it is manned, and an email address.

Now we’re sure you could argue that the money spent on this letter could be put to better use for the charity. But we disagree. We feel valued, and appreciate knowing that my money has gone to help create some good. We are much more likely to respond to this, than yet another letter from a charity asking for a bigger donation of money, and what it could do to help.

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