How are you positioning your business?

In the last post we talked about part of the strategy John Lewis uses to market their business, using price.

This time we are going to look at a business who has chosen a theme very similar to John Lewis for their latest TV advert, except their pricing.

The feel is very family orientated, supported by the music and the little girl creating her surprise – very much the John Lewis style, and actually quite similar to an advert they did a couple of years ago.

But just at the point where we are expecting the voiceover to announce John Lewis, he tells us we can buy tree lights and decorations on 3 for 2.

And that’s where the pricing difference shows up: We are not saying JL would never do 3 for 2 but it isn’t something they usually actively promote via their television advertising.

So whilst B&Q (the company advertising in this commercial) have chosen to position themselves in a similar place to John Lewis, in fact their pricing moves them away from that message.

As a business owner, you need to look at how you are positioning business in the market and whether your pricing complements that position.

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