Kavaj and the wow experience

Today I want to share a “wow” customer experience with you.

I wanted a black leather case for my iPad and researched them on Amazon – as you do. I was amazed at the reviews for one particular company – Kavaj. The case was very reasonably priced and everyone seemed very impressed.

How could you resist – it seemed like the perfect choice.

It soon arrived in usual trademark efficient Amazon style!

But then the real experience started…

It was wrapped beautifully in black tissue paper, and then sealed in plastic. When I opened it there was a lovely note from Kavaj, thanking me for buying their product and hoping that I liked it. There was a link to a video demonstrating how to put the iPad in the case. And there was even a voucher for 10% off any Kavaj product on Amazon, if I wanted to buy anything else.

The case is beautiful leather, fits the iPad very well and I am delighted with it. And this is a crucial part – the experience can be great but if the product is poor then, as a customer, you are still disappointed.

A few days later an email came from Kavaj thanking me again for buying the case, and reinforcing their hope I was pleased. There was a telephone number and an email address in case there was a problem, and a link to their site in case I wanted to look at any of their other products. I want to emphasise that the focus was on thanks and ensuring my satisfaction – not on trying to sell me something else.

Then a couple of weeks ago my husband (who had bought the case on his Amazon account) received a phone call from Germany (where Kavaj are based) to make sure everything was OK. Were we pleased with the case? Is there anything else we needed from them? Was everything OK?

We were seriously impressed. And why is that? Because in most instances once the customer has made the purchase there is little or no follow up.

So – how does this translate to your business?

If you sell products it means looking at the packaging, and the way it is packed for postage. For any business, are you remembering to thank the customer for buying from you?

And do you follow up after the customer has had some time experiencing your product or service, to make sure everything is OK?

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