Keeping your promise

How often do you meet a new supplier, come away all excited, only to feel let down a few days later?

Yep – it happens to us too.

People in professional trades such as plumbers and electricians, seem to suffer with a reputation for not returning calls and responding to people.

That’s a great shame, because there are some great people out there with fantastic skills, and they’re missing out on winning business.

Of course, that reputation for not doing what you committed to do, not responding quickly, not returning calls is not unique to one trade – it is something that happens no matter what sector you’re in.

And at times, we are all guilty of this.

But why are some people better at this than others?

The best people have an efficient system in place. And they keep to it

So, what could you do to so you keep your promise and get back to people?

  • Book time in your diary for admin – you know how much time you have, so be realistic, and commit to something you can stick to
  • Respond straight away – a well known time management trick is to only touch things once – so if an email comes in that requires a two minute answer do it then and there
  • Email – yes, on that subject, don’t have email on all day. Work offline and just login 2-3 times per day to pick up and respond to messages – we totally get this can be easier said than done!
  • Set realistic goals – if you know you are busy, tell a prospective client they will get their quotation within 5 days, rather than disappointing them by offering to do it in 24 hours and then not delivering
  • Set up systems and procedures to improve your efficiencies – there are companies out there that can help you if this isn’t your thing
  • Outsource and delegate – we all have our strengths and weaknesses. If admin isn’t your strength you need to get help – either employ someone, get a virtual assistant, outsource this, or cajole somebody to help you

Why are we talking to you about this?

Because keeping your promise is essential in business. From a marketing and customer experience point of view it is everything. Promise on something you can’t deliver and any trust and credibility you have already built is instantly eroded. But keep your promises and your customers will be impressed.

We can’t be good at everything. But you need to be good at keeping your promise.

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