Marketing Audit


Do you have profiles built of your customers? What’s working right now, and what needs improving?

There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water, but equally, there’s no point in doing stuff that isn’t getting results. Our in depth marketing audit will pinpoint what’s going well, what needs tweaking and what needs changing.

We will look at your:

  • Customers – profiles, testimonials, case studies, surveys and Client Insight. What are your customers buying from you? And, crucially, what are they saying about you?
  • Communications – how are you talking to your existing customers and prospects? What’s your call-to-action and is it working?
  • Website – is it fit for purpose? Is the customer journey well mapped? Is it optimised properly? Does it reflect your business well?
  • Online presence – via search engines and social media. What’s being said?
  • Customer database – how good is your data, and what is it telling us?
  • Collateral – does it join up with your online presence? Is it supporting your sales process?
  • Marketing activities – what results have you achieved? How has the process worked? What are you doing?
  • Legal – is your marketing complying with legislation? Or are you at risk?

We conduct the audit via a mix of online analysis, time spent in your business, and talking to you. Additionally, we want to talk to your customers.

This is all about lifting the bonnet on your business. Really getting to grips with what’s currently in place. Doing this will enable us to recommend the most effective course of action, to steer your marketing onto the right course.

Before you book your audit, we offer a free 1 hour consultation to discuss where your business is going and your goals.


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