Mind the gap

Are you confident you have talked to all of your customers about all of the services you provide?


Don’t worry, you are not alone

The best way to handle this is to do a gap analysis, and yes, that is another of those terms us marketers like to use! But it really is quite simple.

Set up a spreadsheet with all of your customers down the left hand side, and all of the services you offer along the top. Then put a tick in the box for each service a customer already buys from you.

The gaps are where they don’t buy a service from you

The temptation is now to leap straight into phoning them, or sending them a lengthy email, telling them about every other service you could offer them, but try to resist that temptation!

Instead, look for synergies between what they already buy and other services – add ons that would complement your existing offering to them.

In the world of eCommerce, this is handled brilliantly by the big online retailers such as Amazon. We have all seen when we browse and look at one product, directly beneath are suggestions for add on products. The printer with the additional ink cartridges, the camera with the SD card etc.

However, rather than thinking it is much easier for eCommerce than your business, think of it differently: You have an excellent relationship with your customers already. They are pleased with the services they buy from you.

Why wouldn’t they want to know how else you can help them?

Go on – give it a try.

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