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Are you legal?

Don’t worry – we’re not going to get all heavy on you. But this is one of several posts we are going to write to make sure you are protected and operating within the legal guidelines. Although it is not a replacement for seeking individual legal...

marketing legal

PEST analysis

Today, we want to share with you another term – PEST analysis. Like the SWOT analysis this can be used throughout business, not just marketing, but it is a very useful tool. So, what does it stand for?


SWOT Analysis

We’ve introduced a new category to the blog, to help you wade through the somewhat complicated language often associated with marketing. Whilst we are hugely passionate about marketing, we’re equally passionate about making it practical, no nonsense...

SWOT analysis

Mind the gap

Are you confident you have talked to all of your customers about all of the services you provide? No? Don’t worry, you are not alone The best way to handle this is to do a gap analysis, and yes, that is another of those terms us marketers like to use!...

gap analysis

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