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Who are your customers?

Building a profile of your ideal customer is a sure fire way to improve your marketing. Why? Because the more targeted your marketing becomes, from the message to the way you market, the more likely you are to succeed. The message resonates...

customer profiles

Don’t we all over me

Horrible expression isn’t it? But it’s a great way of remembering a really important copywriting tip. So, what does it mean? When you are writing copy, and that applies to any copy, remember to focus on the reader. The reader wants to know why...

copywriting tip

The apostrophe and it

We promised you that from time to time we would give you some tips on improving copywriting, and so today we thought we would share one of our biggest bug bears… Despite some real howlers by big companies the rule is...

The magical marketing bullet

If you want to run a successful business, we hope you have decided to embrace marketing and really take it seriously this year. The trouble is, you feel like you keep trying things, or even just reading about marketing concepts, and you...

magical marketing bullet

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