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Imagine if you could add another person to your senior management team at a fraction of the cost

You don’t have to imagine – because that can become a reality through our Virtual Marketing Director service.

Rather than a prescriptive service where you end up with a number of services you feel you are paying for and not using, we offer a fully flexible approach to suit you and your business.

Your dedicated virtual marketing director will work with you on prioritising the needs of your business, and the marketing strategy and objectives that are right for you.


  • Regular planned calls every month, to keep you on track and agree next steps
  • Back up phone, email and Skype support when you need it
  • Accountability – there’s nothing quite like someone cracking the whip to get a job done!
  • Guidance – you realise you don’t have all the answers, so you want some advice from someone who understands your business and marketing
  • Flexible additional support – if you need help with a one off project, your marketing plan updating, on going content marketing or anything else marketing related you can add this to your service

But the rest is up to you – content marketing, updating your marketing plan, managing your marketing projects, sourcing suppliers – can all be purchased on a one off or on going basis.