Six things to check on your website

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Marketing

Before you launch into any more marketing, we want you to stop and look at your website.

Don’t panic!

We are not going to suggest you rush out and get a new website, well at least not at the moment! But what we do want you to do is take a long critical look at it.

Here’s what to look for:

  1. Links – Are they all working? Do the pages you have linked to still exist – this is just as important for external links as ones within your own site. Do you still want to endorse the companies you have linked to? This is time consuming as you will need to click on each link to make sure it is taking the visitor to the right place – but it reflects badly on your business if it doesn’t work.
  2. Contact details – Are they still correct? If you have Google maps installed is the pin pointing to the right place – we recently visited a site where the pin said one thing and the address said another – very confusing.
  3. Social media links – Do you have any live feeds from your social media accounts? This is a real bug bear of ours. If you can’t keep up with your social media, don’t beat yourself up about it, but equally don’t advertise you haven’t posted anything on Twitter for 52 days! Remove links that aren’t working – better to promote one you do well than several you don’t do at all.
  4. News – When was the last time you posted any news? If it was more than 3 months ago then remove that section on your website. It is better to send out newsletters than have news on the website if you can’t keep it up to date. It just doesn’t create a good impression.
  5. Tools – Do you have a live chat facility? Or a special email address for people to contact with problems? If that isn’t available anymore now is the time to get rid of it – there is nothing worse than offering a service you can’t deliver.
  6. Products & Services – The Biggie! We’ve left this one to last, as in all honesty, this is likely to take you much longer to assess. You should be regularly identifying what products or services work best for your business, and those that are no longer viable. What else could you introduce? All of this is more than one blog post for the future, but for now we want you to make sure that all the products and services you offer on your website are still available. If not, you know what to do!

This is a whistle stop tour of what to check, but is a good starter for ten.

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