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When we meet a new client they often confess to having no kind of customer database.

Whilst we wouldn’t necessarily expect you to have a database of people you don’t know, there really is no reason not to talk to your existing customers and contacts.

You don’t have to make it complicated…

Set up an account with an email newsletter company. Currently, we use MailChimp for our own marketing and many of our clients, but there are lots to choose from.

Don’t add too much detail, but enough to make it meaningful.

So, first name, surname and email address as an absolute bare minimum. If you are going to add in people who have enquired about your business, but not gone on to become a customer, you might add fields to signify if the person is a customer or a prospect.

You could go a step further and indicate what products or services they currently purchase from you, so you could then talk to them about other opportunities. Simplistically, this is called a gap analysis.

As well as considering writing to customers on a regular basis to share news, new services/products or even hints they can use in their business, you need to think of other reasons to reach out…

  • Share a relevant and helpful tool specific to a certain client
  • Send a news story or article relevant to their industry
  • Introduce a new contact they might find interesting
  • Even just send a brief note to see how they are and if they fancy meeting up for a coffee – it is surprising how something as informal as this can lead to new work, but it also makes your customers feel valued

Special events such as Christmas, birthdays, the anniversary of when you started working with a customer – these are all ideal times to reach out to all your customers, past and present. Send them a card, we always think post is better than e-cards, and consider a small gift as a token of your appreciation for your customers.

You don’t have to bombard your customers with messages. You don’t want them to unsubscribe because they are sick of hearing from you. But equally, you don’t want them thinking you don’t value their custom.

Above all, you mustn’t ignore them, so set up a system so you can be in regular contact.

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